EAST General Assembly Meeting (Brussels, January 21st 2019)

The General Assembly of the European Association for Solar Telescopes has met today in Brussels. Of the main points of the Agenda was the election of the the president and vice-president. Mats Carlsson from Oslo University, and Oskar von der Luhe  from Stiftung Kiepenheuer-Institut fuer Sonnenphysik, were respectively confirmed in their positions. The Assembly also listened an overview of the following H2020 projects: SOLARNET (just started in January), GREST (finished by mid of 2018), and PRE-EST (on going).

The European Association for Solar Telescopes (EAST) was founded in 2006 by a group of solar physicists from 14 European countries, three more countries have joined after that, and today in the Brussels meeting, the General Assembly approved another one -Portugal- as the country member number 18.

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